Sustainable Bathrooms Can Be Fun

Sustainable Bathrooms Can Be Fun

Written by Eli Khrapko

Ahh the famous ‘S’ word. No, not shit but sustainable. As we strive to become more eco-friendly the term ‘sustainable’ gets thrown around continuously by brands, influencers or anyone trying to make a change. But, what does it actually mean? 

We hear you, it can be an intricate term but in a nutshell, being sustainable is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. As well natural resources, which obviously play an important part, we must also consider social and economic resources.

Being sustainable just makes sense really. It can be making simple improvements to your daily life which in turn will positively impact future generations. 

With all the news going around these days, it might sound overwhelming. You don’t need to suddenly go vegan, toss out every single use item you have in your house, stop using your car and walk everywhere! There are many brands out there working hard to make sustainable products more fun, convenient, and varied enough to cater to everyone’s needs!

Next time you’re on the toilet you can look around and think “how can I change my bathroom to be more sustainable?” 

We at Wype took a seat, and did the same.

We start from the part most dear to us, the throne if you will. Adorn it with items both eco friendly and entertaining, like the tree free toilet paper by smartass, and its fun game range packaging. We love toilet activities, nobody wants to be reading that old shampoo bottle for the fourth time.

Off to the sink, where there are brushing options both for the techies and the minimalists with Georganics

Keep yourself smelling luscious with Faith in Nature’s extensive range of natural and conscientious products. And when out of the shower, Wild’s refillable deodorant will look sleek in your bathroom, and glide smoothly under your armpits. The possibilities out there are endless.

Remember, going green isn’t asking you to completely sacrifice your bath, shower and other home comforts!

At Wype we also found something in the bathroom we wanted to improve on. 

When we heard about the flood of wet wipes invading our waterways and the damage they cause, we came up with a unique gel you can apply to any toilet paper to obtain a 100% biodegradable wipe. Be they flushable, unflushable, natural, bamboo, soothing, smoothing, soaked in holy water, we had enough of wipes. We wanted something different.

Sustainability sits at the heart of our business core values and that’s why our gel is 99% natural, vegan and cruelty-free.

Our formula to re-create the wet wipe sensation couldn’t be more straightforward. Simply add a pump or two to toilet paper, fold it to spread and then wipe! Not only will it help remove excess dirt and leave you feeling fresh and moisturised down there, you'll have an extra skip in your step when you walk away from the toilet!

Shop now and use our 20% discount code at checkout ‘LAUNCH20’.

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