The Wild World of Animal Poo

The Wild World of Animal Poo

Written by Eli Khrapko

Everybody does it.

No it isn’t looking at your toilet paper after using it, it’s the most ancient human need after eating, breathing, and hitting the snooze button - Pooping! Kim Kardashian does it, The Pope does it, even Boris does it. Such different creatures reunited by a common unescapable requirement, don’t you wonder what their bathroom routine looks like? We are well aware that there’s all kinds of weird stuff happening behind the bathroom door, but we’ve been there, Wyped that if you know what I mean...

Pooping is what we call ‘human nature’, but how about we forget about the human part of it and dive into the animal kingdom to see how their pooping rituals fare against ours?

Thanks to Sir David Attenborough we have spent hours learning about the wonderful animal kingdom, rooting for the prey escaping the predator, covering our eyes, gazing at incredible beauty, and sometimes just wondering, “what the hell is going on”?

But we are not animal kingdom people, we are poop people, so let’s stay on topic here. How much do you know about their toilet habits? Let us educate you and give you some fun facts to store for your next first date, pub quiz, zoom call, you name it.

Starting off on our quest to find the most unusual pooping routine in the animal kingdom is the sloth. Known for their similarities to a typical University student with their slow-moving nature and unusually long sleeping habits, it turns out that the sloth has a ritualistic way of what some humans might call ‘dropping the kids off’. They slowly make their way down from their trees around once a week to defecate in the same spot each time! And if this wasn’t enough of a fun fact then how about we tell you that they can lose up to one-third of their body weight in a single trip! How about that for a once a week HIIT workout?! It is believed that sloths perform this ritual only once a week to keep them safe from predators on the ground… Talk about risky business!

Next up we have the hippo. We’ve touched upon the delicate sloth-like ritual which sounds quite soothing, but now for something a little more gross… With male hippos weighing anything from 1,600kg to 4,500kg (yes, you read that right), they need to get rid of their poop fast. They’ve opted for somewhat of a spray and hope method and it turns out that as they poop, their tail spins in a fan like motion and distributes it all over the place! Eaten your lunch and want to make sure we’re not hipposhitting? Check this out.

So which do you resemble the most? Do you opt for a slow sloth like approach or short and snappy poo (without the mess, hopefully!)?

We all know a friend or family member with bad toilet habits, whether that’s leaving the toilet seat up, not washing their hands or using the last bit of paper and not refilling! But none is worse than the monkey as they like to cause havoc and throw their poop at things! It is believed that the hurling of poo is used as a defense mechanism against predators. However, if you find yourself in the jungle running away from a predator, we don’t advise squatting and practicing your shot put, just RUN!!

Moving on with our search we have one of our favourites, the llama. With Wype being a sustainability focused brand, we were thrilled to hear that the llama poop is also fighting pollution! Native to South America, the llama’s poop dilutes acid that comes from mines, and also dissolves metal particles that could be harmful when consumed, cool right? It is said that the secret to Machu Picchu’s success is in fact part down to the llama as the Incas used llama dung as fertilizer to grow maize, and fuel an empire.

To conclude, whether you wipe sitting or standing, enjoy a relaxed or speedy trip to the toilet, it’s safe to say that we aren’t the only ones on this planet whose toilet rituals differ from one another. If we were in Doctor Doolittle’s place, we would recommend Wype gel to every human and animal (especially the hippos). Our innovative Wype gel is packed with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to ensure you have a more pleasant time in the bathroom. But, when you’re next on your throne, just take a moment to realise how lucky we are….

All things big and small have their own way of eliminating waste, and speaking of small, check out our new Wype Mini in a portable 30ml pocket-sized bottle!

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