• Have you been using wet wipes for intimate hygiene and feeling guilty about it?
  • Does the texture of flushable wipes just not work for you?
  • Tired of unsightly crackling packages of wipes sitting around your bathroom and in your handbag?
  • Sick of worrying that half the pack of wipes will come out when you just want one, or that if you don't seal them properly they will dry up?
  • Or are you just ready to upgrade down there, and make the switch from dry toilet paper to a soft, soothing, and cleaner alternative?

Wype is the product for you.


Designed to be good to you, and to the environment.

It took more than a year of research and development for us to design Wype. We set out to create a product that would take a step forward in formula and packaging design so that our customers could enjoy a clean feel knowing that we are committed to creating an innovative and sustainable product.


We wanted our formula to be as natural as possible, vegan and cruelty-free. With Aloe Vera and Vitamin E guaranteeing a soothing and moisturising feel, we created an unscented formula that is hypoallergenic, so is suitable for sensitive skin and babies.

Find our ingredient list here.


Aluminium bottles are an upcoming trend in the personal care industry, and we searched far and wide to be able to find a bottle that was in line with our mission. Rather than recycled plastic and bioplastics, 75% of all the aluminum ever produced to date is still in use today. On the other hand, only 9% of all plastics ever made have been recycled.


We are working behind the scenes on how to make our packaging even more sustainable.. but you will have to stay tuned for that :)

Wype. Repeat. Flush.


Step 1: Keep it convenient

Pop your bottle of Wype within easy reach of your toilet. Our bottle looks great so don't hide it away!

Step 2: Wype & roll

When you're ready, simply apply a pump or two of Wype on to your toilet paper.

It doesn't matter if you're a scruncher, a folder or an in-betweener, Wype it your way!

Step 3: Go big or spread it wide

Try Wype as a big droplet, or spread it out on the paper, whatever works best for you.

Step 4: Wipe away

Wipe as you normally would, and repeat as many times as you need.

Wype's formula helps remove excess dirt and leaves you feeling fresh and moisturised down there.

You'll have an extra skip in your step when you walk away from the toilet!

Don't believe the Wipe

Whether you use wet wipes for cleaning your hands, scrubbing grubby surfaces or for personal hygiene down there, the majority of them are made with plastic resins like polyester or polypropylene! You won’t see that written on the package though, because most wet wipe brands only list the ingredients of the liquid that moistens the fabric!

So what happens to wet wipes when you throw them away?

They either end up in a landfill, where it takes up to 100 years for them to break down, or littered, as you might have noticed on camping trips and long hikes, and finally, flushed, where they end up entering sewers and our waterways.

Flushing wet wipes down the toilet is polluting, and no-one wants to be a polluter. Not only does plastic pollution pose a huge threat to the environment but as the majority of wet wipes do not break down in water, causing serious trouble to the wastewater systems as well as making their way into our oceans.

In our pipes

Don’t believe us? If you have a strong stomach, Google ‘fatberg’ and see how large and impactful these blockages can be.

And wet wipes make up more than 90% of the material causing sewer blockages which end up costing taxpayers money.

Into the environment

Even when wet wipes manage to break down, they shed fibres and slowly break down into microplastics, polluting land, rivers and oceans, and entering wildlife and human food chains.

Well we at Wype said flush that, there must be a better way. And that is how Wype gel was born.

We have created an alternative to the wet wipe, specifically designed for the flushers among you. Our Wype gel is packed with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E, Wype is kind to your body, while being kind to the environment. The formula is safe to enter the waterways, 99% natural, vegan and cruelty-free.

At home..

Keep your Wype bottle close to the toilet for a convenient and speedy clean-up! And while you're sitting there, let us recommend bamboo toilet roll. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the whole wide world making it extremely renewable. It grows 30 times faster than trees, produces 30% more oxygen and absorbs 35% more carbon.

On the go..

You can run around town without worries thanks to our over cap and self-lock pump! Your bottle of Wype is designed to come with you wherever you go without spilling. Nervous to carry it with you to the bathroom at work? Let them stare, your butt is cleaner than theirs.

When travelling..

Ever went on a beautiful hike and just had to go? You can always tell if the "secluded" spot you found is popular thanks to the wet wipes lying here and there. That's not a beautiful view! We recommend to take a plastic bag with you to dispose of your paper no matter what it is, and a bottle of Wype of course!

Bin the wipes, flush Wype

Jokes aside, we at Wype love clean butts, but we love a clean environment just as much. If you are a habitual single-use wipe user (not only in the bathroom) think of ways that you can take a small step in the direction of reusable tissues or wipe alternatives. The planet will be grateful :)