We are on a mission to redefine toilet time by opening the conversation, closing the door on single use plastic, and creating innovative products with a purpose.


Wype was founded by Giorgia and Eli, an inquisitive Italian and a globetrotting Kiwi. When Giorgia first came to the UK from Italy, she was desperately missing her bidet! What to do?

On a quest to feel clean wherever she was, she turned to wet wipes, unaware that they were causing all kinds of trouble to pipes and waterways. She soon learned about the convenient inconvenience that wipes represent to the planet , so determined to stop reaching for a crackly package when nature called, she wondered if there could be a better solution.

And the long road towards developing Wype began...

The pair met whilst studying and the two of them embarked on an adventure to find a solution - an alternative to a wet wipe, something that provided the clean feeling of a bidet while being gentle to the body and good for the planet.

So Wype was born.

An eco-friendly alternative to a wet wipe giving you a bidet-clean feeling on the go.

A natural gel which makes your toilet paper work harder for you.

Clean you, clean planet.



They’re made from plastic resins like polyester or polypropylene which can take decades to break down. They make up over 90% of the matter in sewer blockages, and shed microplastics - that pollute our rivers and oceans.

Ready to break-up with wet-wipes and show you love the planet as much as you love a clean down stairs?