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Don’t be fooled, this Wype bottle is mini, yet mighty. The travel companion that can conveniently come with you wherever you go, so you can feel fresher for longer.

An Awesome Alternative to Flushable Wipes & Here’s Why…

  • Convenient 30ml travel size
  • 99% natural ingredients
  • Lockable pump
  • 60 pumps per bottle
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Suitable for babies
  • Free shipping when you buy three or more

Using Our Sustainable Alternative to Wet Wipes Is Simple

You asked and we listened. Our teeny tiny Wype bottles can clean you up down there whilst you're on-the-go! Simply add a pump of our Aloe Vera and Vitamin E enriched natural cleansing gel to regular toilet paper. Then flush the tissue, sending it on its way to a delightful decomposing journey - our gel is 100% safe to flush and biodegradable!

Make Wype part of your personal hygiene routine today!

Want to Wype at Home Too?

We’re way ahead of you on that one and got you covered. Check out The Clean Butt Bundle for clean coverage at home on the throne or wherever life takes you. Simply sign up to receive a whole host of bootiful benefits.