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Hi LBS Alumni!

Wype is an intimate wellness company that is going to change the future of colorectal care and hygiene for millions of people by providing sustainable, innovative and clinically-backed solutions. Eli and I (both MBA2018s) started Wype as an eco-friendly alternative to wet wipes for the 185M people who use wet wipes as toilet paper.

What we've learned from our community is that there is a huge unmet need around bowel health that we're uniquely positioned to address with a range of clinically-backed products and an online platform to support with education and screening. Hundreds of millions suffer with colorectal conditions that are inadequately addressed by current product offerings.

We’ve come up with a simple way for LBS alumni to join us on this journey, via a single nominee structure with preferential terms as part of a larger seed round.

We’re on a roll, so don’t flush this opportunity! 🚽

Executive Summary


2022 Gross Sales


YoY Growth


12-month Repurchase


Gross Margin


LTV/CAC (CAC Payback on first purchase)

Exclusive LBS Investment terms

Pre-money Valuation: £4M

LBS Cohort Discount: 10%

Minimum ticket size: £500

Size of total raise: £500k (EIS Assured)

Investment mechanism: Odin nominee

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Data room

Why wype*

The problem:

  • 185M people globally are using wet wipes as toilet paper and these numbers are rising as people start taking better care of their colorectal health.

  • The stigma around bowel health is leaving millions of individuals living with uncomfortable colorectal conditions alone, in shame, and in some cases delaying diagnosis – a prime example of this is bowel cancer, the 2nd leading cause of cancer death globally despite having a 90% survival rate when caught early.

The need:

  • Consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of wet wipes on sewers, waterways and the environment - but an unmet need for better intimate hygiene remains.

What is Wype:

  • Wype is a natural gel that can be applied to regular toilet tissue to instantly turn it into an effective wet wipe alternative that doesn’t clog pipes or pollute oceans. Our range will include clinically backed solutions to support with hygiene as well as many common colorectal conditions.


  • £960k in 2022, 3x YoY - 80k customers - 3000+ 5-star reviews.


  • Wype's natural and organic formula is packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminium refills. Our product has already stopped 30M wet wipes from being used!

What's next?:

  • In 2023 we will achieve a profitable UK hygiene business while we research and validate our health vertical, including an online platform to support with education and screening.

A community of 80K Wypers

Don't take it from us!

Take it from our 'Excellent'
Trustpilot rating score of 4.7 with
over 3k 5 star reviews!

Hygiene (84% of total customers)

Users simply don't feel clean when using dry toilet paper alone.

  • Eco-friendly

  • Effective cleansing

  • Long-lasting

  • Portable & discreet

Health (16% of total customers)

Haemorrhoids, IBS, IBD, radiation therapy and more make dry paper too rough.

  • Suitable for sensitive skin

  • Soothing ingredients moisturise and provide cooling relief

  • Allows tissue to glide gently onto the skin

All committed to making better choices for the environment.


Total Addressable Market

(if everyone that uses toilet paper used Wype)

760M toilet paper users
£24.1B per year


Serviceable Available Market

(if everyone that uses flushable wipes used Wype)

185M toilet wipe users
£5.9B per year


Serviceable Obtainable Market

(if Wype converts 10% existing flushable wipe users)

19M Wype users
£590M per year

Use of proceeds


Grant landscaping and research
Medicated formula R&D

Retail Entry

Retail & Partnerships Manager hire
Retail Packaging Development


Product development
Single Use sachet and refillable pouch development


Brand & Community, E-Commerce Hires
New Customer Acquisition

Why us?

Giorgia Granata

Co-Founder & CEO

Eli Khrapko

Co-Founder & COO

Need more info?

If you have any questions that we might not have covered, feel free to get in touch with one of us at:

Dr James Kinross PhD

Chief Medical Officer

Colorectal Surgeon,
Senior Lecturer Imperial College
Microbiome and colorectal health expert

Michael Yates

Pro-bono Strategic Advisor

MD & SVP, Proctor & Gamble

Pamela Wardle

Strategic Advisor

VP International, Pourri
Director, International Business,
Church & Dwight

Need more info?

If you have any questions that we might not have covered, feel free to get in touch with one of us at: