Wype Refill - Update #2 🥈

Hello everyone!

It's Giorgia, butting in again. 🙋🏻

Our Wype Refill campaign is launching in just two weeks!!!
The wyper crew has been growing, and we're so excited that you're interested in Wype Refill and our bootylicious revolution! ♻️ 🍑 💙

If you missed our latest update, worry not, we posted it as a blog over here.

Today we're taking a look in the rear view mirror 😜  so you can find out a bit about Eli and me as founders, and how Wype was born. 🐣

Meet Giorgia

Globetrotting Italian and bidet lover, trying to live a greener lifestyle.

I spent most of my career working in luxury fashion 👠 📸. Over time I realised that my values did not align with the industry, so I decided to quit and go to business school to see what the rest of the world was up to! 🤸🏽‍♀️

Meet Eli

Savvy Kiwi who likes the sound of a clean booty and a clean planet.

Before I moved to London, I was in the Royal New Zealand Air Force on a transport plane called the Hercules. 🛩️
I was lucky enough to see the world from my office (in the sky...). I loved the job and the people, but after 10 years in uniform, I decided it was time for a new challenge and moved to the UK.

How was Wype born?

When I moved to the UK I was really missing my bidet! I was looking for alternatives when I found out that a lot of people were using wet wipes. Wet wipes are cheap, convenient, portable - so it seemed like a great idea until I learned about the horrible impact of wet wipe pollution. 🏴‍☠️

I understand wanting to feel clean as much as anyone, but not when you see the damage that these wipes are causing to our pipes, sewers, riverbeds, and coastlines.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to get to work! 💡 🍑 💙

I managed to persuade Eli to join me on this adventure and so Wype was born in October 2019.

How has the journey been so far?

At first, it was really difficult to answer the "what do you do" question at social gatherings! 💩 🙊
But now, after 18 months of hard work and countless highs and lows, we are loud and proud about Wype, and what we've achieved since we launched last year! 📢

We've kept 2.5 million wipes out of the waterways by converting over 12k Wypers!

We have a 4.7 on Trustpilot ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

We have a badass new product about to launch and we CANNOT WAIT! ♻️ 🍑 💙

What's so special about Wype Refill?

We wanted to make a bespoke refillable applicator from the very beginning of our journey, but we decided to wait and see if people wanted an intimate hygiene solution on the go, while also reducing wet wipe pollution.

...And the positive response has been overwhelming!

Our supporters have already been such a huge part of making Wype Refill happen. 🙌🏼 💙 This is why it is so special to us (other than being special of its own accord, but you can read more about that here).

So now what?

Now we just need you to stay tuned for updates! The launch is only a few weeks away, and we have a whole set of special discounts and perks for our biggest fans 😉. 

Back us for your backside!

We'll be sharing more details next week, so don't worry there's a lot more info on the way! Also, feel free to reach out to us at:

Thank you so much once again for your support so far! Keep sharing, spread the word, tell your neighbours, your colleagues, your nan... let's make this happen! 

From the heart of our bottoms🍑 💙

Giorgia & Eli


  • I love your product but is there anyway you can make the push-in button a bit easier to use? It is quite stiff and hard on arthritic thumbs!

    Susan Begg
  • I was so glad to see your pitch on Dragon’s Den – your product is exactly what I’ve been looking for for years.

    My feedback is that it is brilliant and I’m very happy to have found you.
    My only negative is that I find the applicator quite difficult to use. The button is quite hard to press (so elderly and children would find it hard, or those with stamina or joint issues) and it is also hard if you have any length nails.
    I hope you take this feedback in the spirit of my intention, which is supportive to your continued success.

  • Very pleased to read the refill is on the way! Will need to re-order very soon!

  • Any news on the Wype refillable?

  • I think this product sounds amazing and would definitely be around in my bathrooms. Really wanting to avoid using wipes


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