Wype x smartass Giveaway

As you’re hopefully aware by now, we love all things eco-friendly and want to encourage people to share our passion. That’s why we’ve teamed up with fellow sustainability brand, smartass, for our very first giveaway. 

For those that haven’t heard of this brand before, be ready to switch your toilet paper in three, two, one. smartass have created tree free toilet paper, tissues and paper towels. They worked out that over 27,000 trees are flushed down the loo everyday and wanted to do something about it. Their tree free products are made from sugarcane waste and bamboo as well as removing the plastic wrapping which is common with regular toilet paper. 

Does this all sound familiar? That’s right, we did the same with wet wipes! As you know, our Wype gel has been innovatively created to replace the use of wet wipes by applying our gel to toilet paper. If you’re a regular Wype user, how about going that extra step and spreading it on tree and plastic free paper. Not only do smartass and Wype share the same core values with regards to sustainability but we both love changing people’s toilet habits too! 

Now for the giveaway part (let’s be honest, most of you have probably skipped to here by now!). 

We are rolling towards Halloween and if the epic toilet paper shortage of 2020 has taught us anything it’s that there is nothing more terrifying than a dirty butt! We’ve partnered with smartass for one lucky winner to take home 3 bottles of Wype and a case of Smartass TP to wipe you clean well into 2021 (48 tree free, plastic-free and carbon neutral rolls)!⁠

It’s so fast to enter that you could do it sitting on your toilet! 

  1. Head over to Instagram and follow @wype_uk & @smartasstp

  2. Tag a mate. Each tag counts as a new entry so go wild. 

  3. Like our Instagram post.

Entries for the giveaway close at midnight on Sunday 1st November and the lucky winner will be announced on Monday 2nd November.

Good luck Wypers! 


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