Wype Refill - Update #3 🥉

🚨The Wype Refill pre-sale launches on Wednesday, June 2nd!!!🚨

- 8:00 AM UK time - 


Below you can take a look at the bundles that we put together for the pre-sale!🥳

We really tried to think of everyone, and the discounts are really exceptional... but before we get into the details, I'll let you in on a little secret🤫

👉🏼On launch day we will be sharing secret links to even more discounted and exclusive offers...👈🏼

So keep an eye on your inbox to unlock the secret perks 🔐👀

pssst...If you missed our latest updates on Wype Refill and the founders, worry not, we posted them as blogs over here.

Let me briefly introduce the perks!

The Wype Refill Dream Team

Of course, here they are, we've talked about them, posted about them, yelled about them in the streets... Our applicator equipped with its infinitely recyclable aluminium refill, for a bum that says "I love the planet" 🌎🍑

Each 100ml refill is the equivalent of 200 wipes, and lasts on average 4-6 weeks per person.

Bhoodie & Tush-irt

Some of us used to work in fashion (yes I'm talking about me), and some of us (also me) wanted some merch that looked really cool! 

So we made a few calls and got some very fancy (starts in V and ends in 'ersace' 💁🏻‍♀️) designers to help us out. We hope you love our Bhoodie and Tush-irt!

Planting Trees with Treeapp

Yes, cleaning backsides is our vocation, but at the same time we do want to give mother nature some love. For the birth of Wype Refill, we thought there would be nothing more appropriate than planting some trees 🌱

Our company is still like a little sprout, and we want to make sure that we give back every time that someone believes in us. So, every time one of our applicators is purchased, we will plant a tree thanks to our friends at Treeapp.

How many trees can you help us plant?🌳

And now let's get into the details...

Watch out for those early bird discounts!!!

Available for the first 48 hours only

The Wype Refill launch is just around the corner, so keep an eye out for our email on Wednesday! If you have any questions, check out our FAQ, or reach out to us at:


Thank you so much once again for your support so far! Keep sharing, spread the word, tell your neighbours, your colleagues, your nan... let's make this happen! 

From the heart of our bottoms🍑💙

Giorgia & Eli


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